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Our Story

Legacy firms are challenged in many ways, but most of them own an underestimated asset: their brand. Other than the disruptors in this world, these companies need to use what they’ve built and connect it with what the future requires. As brands need consistency and evolutionary development over the years, the organizations behind them are often in need of more radical change in terms of their offering, culture, systems etc. Our approach uses the power of your brand as a guiding force and orientation for the future – protecting your identity in times of disruption and disorientation while fueling transformation at the same time. We call this brand-led transformation.

Meet some of our people

We are a group of strategy, growth and transformation experts — experienced working with C-suites of SMI, DAX and S&P 500 firms.

  • Mattias Weber

    Mattias Weber

    Managing Partner

    Mattias is the founder and Managing Partner of LEAP PARTNERS. As a strategist and consultant, he collaborated with executives from firms like SWISS, Oerlikon, Helsana, F. Hoffman-La Roche and Heineken. He focuses on transformation, brand strategy and innovation. He led different larger consultancies before, gives speeches and writes articles regularly and holds degrees from the University of Fribourg and the Harvard Business School.

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  • Fjolla Fazliu

    Fjolla Fazliu


    Fjolla is consultant and has supported several projects for our clients in the logistics, financial, insurance and also NGO sector. She has worked on topics ranging from offering development and corporate positioning to communication planning and execution, where she could leverage acquired competencies from her academic education in business administration and marketing management at the University of St. Gallen, where she earned her master’s degree.

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  • Daniela Noser

    Daniela Noser

    Creative Consultant

    Daniela is our creative consultant who has gained experience as a brand designer over the past ten years. She has used her design thinking skills for established companies in sectors such as consumer, energy, real estate, and banking. Her focus lies on the visual translation of complex strategies into understandable storytelling. She now expands her knowledge with a PowerMBA.

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Some questions we work on

  • Purpose: what is our role in this world and what do we stand for?

    Rooted in insights and brand – we imagine what the world could be – rendering it so clear that leaders can choose the destiny of their organization.

  • Leadership and organization: how to lead and organize to be more customer-centered?

    We help leadership teams to act as role-model for the intended future, show up and communicate in new ways and design the organization fit for purpose—beyond existing structures and job descriptions.

  • Engagement: how to inspire action and create belief for the new future?

    We help people understand and believe in the future – through powerful, human stories and experiences that rally commitment and action.

  • Growth Strategy: how to find profitable growth?

    We identify the levers of your organization and unleash its commercial potential. This often includes positioning, brand portfolio strategy, pricing, DNA analysis and implementation planning.

  • Re-focus: re-activate your key value drivers

    We are launching the counter-program to the usual product range inflation, which can often lead to complete growth stagnation. To do this, we reactivate the assertiveness of the leader products. Mobilize the potential products in a targeted manner. Focus the product range step by step without losing sales - and realize new growth with significantly reduced complexity costs.

  • Culture: how to transform culture and introduce new behaviors or ways of working?

    We equip your people by designing the systems, environments and ways of working that accelerate adoption of the future.

  • Offering: How to create offerings and services that truly connect with your customers?

    Together we co-create, prototype and grow new offerings that are deeply connected with customer needs and aligned with your purpose.

Get clarity
Drive growth

What we have learned after more than 20 years of consulting work:

Create positive human impact

Fundamentally organic growth happens by creating more value to humans: being more relevant, closer, more consistent or just more attractive. It all starts and ends with the customer.

Find the perfect product-market-fit

Growth requires a perfect product – market fit to ensure that services and products match customer needs: that you are present in the right markets at the lowest possible cost. From a portfolio perspective you need to ensure to exploit the current while exploring the new at the same time.

Replicate your success-pattern

Brands grow from the inside out – by replicating their DNA and success pattern, they become more attractive playing by their own rules. Growth has the constant risk of hurting this DNA, by introducing offerings, services or experiences that are not fit for purpose and dilute your market position over time.

It's about growing profitably

Don’t just sell more for less – at a minimum you need to ensure that the average profitability at least remains stable. Great brands have pricing power and use it to their advantage to achieve profitable growth.