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Our Story

Legacy firms are challenged in many ways, but most of them own an underestimated asset: their brand. Other than the disruptors in this world, these companies need to use what they’ve built and connect it with what the future requires. As brands need consistency and evolutionary development over the years, the organizations behind them are often in need of more radical change in terms of their offering, culture, systems etc. Our approach uses the power of your brand as a guiding force and orientation for the future – protecting your identity in times of disruption and disorientation while fueling transformation at the same time. We call this brand-led transformation.

Meet some of our people

We are a group of brand and transformation experts — experienced working with C-suites of SMI, DAX and S&P 500 firms.

  • Mattias Weber

    Mattias Weber

    Managing Partner

    Mattias is a brand and strategy consultant. He draws his expertise from his past experience as CEO of two large Swiss brand and transformation consultancies and his initiatives with leaders of firms like SWISS, Oerlikon, Helsana, F. Hoffman-La Roche and Heineken. He focuses on transformation, brand strategy and innovation.

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  • Thomas Fröhlich

    Thomas Fröhlich

    Managing Partner

    Thomas is a strategic, creative and hands on executive with over 20 years of experience in over 30 sectors. He draws his experience as Managing Director at the Institute für Markentechnik in Geneva and Chief Marketing and Sales Officer of a Swiss corporation. He engages in challenging situations as well as re-shaping brand ecosystems for the next leap forward.

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  • Daniela Noser

    Daniela Noser

  • Fjolla Fazliu

    Fjolla Fazliu


    Fjolla completed her Bachelor in Business Administration at the University of Zurich and is now a prospective Master in Marketing Management at the University of St.Gallen. During her studies she was able to gain various practical experiences in sales and marketing and supports us now as a Trainee in Brand and Strategy Consulting.

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  • Liying Hou

    Liying Hou

    Consultant – Shanghai Office

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Questions we work on

  • Purpose: what is our role in this world and what do we stand for?

    Rooted in insights and brand – we imagine what the world could be – rendering it so clear that leaders can choose the destiny of their organization.

  • Brand Strategy: how to use brand to accelerate profitable growth?

    We identify the levers of your brand and unleash its commercial potential. This often includes brand positioning, brand portfolio strategy, brand-led pricing, Brand DNA analysis and implementation planning.

  • Brand Renovation: how can we revive our brand and secure it for the next generation?

    Based on your unique strenghts we develop a path back to greatness by combining what made you strong with what works tomorrow. This often includes Brand DNA Analysis, Brand Performance Enhancement Programs, Distribution and Pricing Strategy, Company Succession Strategy.

  • Culture: how to transform culture and introduce new behaviors or ways of working?

    We equip your people by designing the systems, environments and ways of working that accelerate adoption of the future.

  • Offering: How to create offerings and services that truly connect with your customers?

    Together we co-create, prototype and grow new offerings that are deeply connected with customer needs and aligned with your purpose.

  • Engagement: how to inspire action and create belief for the new future?

    We help people understand and believe in the future – through powerful, human stories and experiences that rally commitment and action.

  • Leadership and organization: how to lead and organize to be more customer-centered?

    We help leadership teams to act as role-model for the intended future, show up and communicate in new ways and design the organization fit for purpose—beyond existing structures and job descriptions.

Build leading brands
Lead transformation

What we have learned after more than 20 years of consulting work:

Brands are an entrepreneurial instrument

Some see a brand as a logo, some as a sales-tool or as a corporate identity. We see more. We see a powerful weapon to create trust at scale and sustainable, above average profits. A leadership tool and north star that connects your past, present and future.

Brands lead, don't follow

Strong brands take a stand. They aim for a leading position in their field and create attraction by having clear boundaries. They force the market to follow them and thus seduce their audience.

Transformation is systemic

To establish real change, every element of the system has to be adjusted and aligned with the intended future—from changing how we are organized, to adapt how teams work and lead to change the mindset and behaviors of individuals.

Transformation is human-centered

Transformation too often happens to people, tires them and is accompanied by fear. We see it through the lens of the people—activating them in the course of transformation. This enables organizations to live transformation as an ongoing state-of-mind and not just as the next «change exercise from management».