Strategy Director

Our Zurich office is looking for its next strategy leader. In partnership with the managing partner, you will be responsible for building and inspiring our team and our culture and for taking the strategy work we do to new heights.


The Strategy Director plays a vital role in leading Leap and our pillar projects. You will be an influential thinker and practitioner. You are expected to have a rich network of clients and contacts, and thrive at working with the C-suite.

At Leap, it is a strategist’s role to help clients identify market opportunities and the unique role of their organization in people’s lives. You will be expected to help senior execs make fundamental decisions about what they will invest in, build and enable - internally and externally - to make their ambitions real. Using rigor and imagination, it is your responsibility to create significant commercial and social impact.

You will shape the practice of strategy within Leap, and develop talent within the strategy community. You will help identify talent and opportunities to advance our skill-set. You will be expected to help to win new business, deliver outstanding work for clients and grow our business.


  • Winning and growing our biggest accounts by doing the best work of your life
  • Raise the bar for leadership, cut-through thinking and creativity, with clients and colleagues
  • Pushing our practice: identifying ways to improve, instigating useful debate, bringing new thinking and tools to the table
  • Developing talent: hiring, training, reviewing, managing ongoing development
  • Raising our reputation: leading thinking on the future of brand and business transformation, and communicating those ideas in innovative ways (including presenting and hosting events)
  • Helping to shape and drive the strategy of Leap alongside our leaders
  • Actively contributing to our culture of insatiable curiosity and intellectual challenge


You are a business leader and transformation expert. You will bring a depth and diversity of experience from previous roles and possible post-graduate qualifications e.g. MBA. You will have led teams previously, ideally whole departments or a business unit. You may be a sector specialist in an area of growth for us e.g. financial industry, health, B2B or culture. You may be a pioneer in a certain methodology e.g. human centered design. You should have a strong point of view about the future of brand and business. You will be a passionate and persuasive communicator, and skilled team player – able to get the best results for clients and colleagues.


  • Outstanding leadership skills - helping our business take smart decisions for growth and provide counsel to our clients at C-Suite and board level
  • Strategic rigor - able to understand business models, synthesize information and build compelling, data-driven arguments
  • Storytelling magic - able to quickly construct a strong narrative thread, build succinct and persuasive presentations, and engage hearts and minds in a room
  • Transformation expertise - able to guide clients through complex stakeholder engagement and/or cultural change
  • An engaging communicator - able to drive productive dialogue, listen and guide diverse groups, motivate teams and spread the love for what we do on external platforms
  • An inspiring team player - able to constructively challenge teams to do their best work and help individuals meet their goals
  • Outstanding facilitator - able to design and lead workshops, enabling creative leaps and break through political impasses
  • Commercial savvy - able to design a project into the long term with a view to farming and extending budget
  • Efficiency - able to juggle several tasks with ease, prioritize work-streams, delegate effectively

Interpersonal Skills

  • Comfortable with ambiguity
  • Ambitious for their clients and their teams
  • Confident in their abilities (but not arrogant or inflexible)
  • A team player - honest, collaborative, not precious about how to get great results
  • Incredibly articulate
  • All over it: organized, effective, professional in every situation
  • An inspiring and spirited leader of people
  • Enthusiastic to tackle new hurdles everyday
  • Unruffled under pressure
  • Unafraid to challenge and be challenged to do better
  • Curious about new ideas and constant learning
  • Proactive in bringing new ways and ideas to the firm
  • Passionate about what they do (inside and outside work)
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