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Hello. We are Leap Partners. The strategy and innovation consultancy in the heart of Zurich – purpose-led, human-centered and creativity-charged.

We partner with leaders to build businesses, grow in new ways and stay relevant in the digital age. We work alongside our clients to craft the strategies to succeed in the digital world, create innovative new offerings, viable business models and help them build the needed capabilities and culture to thrive. Our clients are leading organizations from various industries.

If you are into strategy, marketing and innovation and are looking for a place to grow in Zurich this could be you:

Your role

You play a crucial role for our firm, leading partners and consultants in the project work, holding every part of an engagement together and ensuring continuous project success. We expect you to break new ground in all aspects of our services through unconventional thinking and creativity. You will be a change-maker, inspiring others to think and behave differently, stretching them to do their best and go beyond.

You will continue to build on your reputation, becoming a choice for client referrals and recommendations. You will be keen to play an active role in our community by looking to share new tools, methodologies and ways of working.

We expect our Engement Managers to direct the project/team by cutting through complexity, identifying opportunities for growth and helping others seize them. 

You are responsible for

  • Being a key player in developing our consulting business
  • Ensuring our work meets client needs, creates impact and builds our reputation 
  • Leading the team, knowing how to get the best out of them, how to get the various resources working well together, and how to create opportunities for all team members to stretch their skills.
  • Building your own client relationships with current and prospective clients that continiously generate new consulting work 
  • Identify and close new business leads and active support in generating new business that takes into new areas and challenges
  • Contributing to, and take a leadership role in, internal initiatives within the firm including IP development, marketing, training and ongoing educational sessions
  • Helping drive our culture at the office by leading class gatherings, office-wide social outings and holiday celebrations
  • Playing an active role in contributing to our own development as firm by contributing enthusiastically to all internal initiatives

You should have

  • Extensive experience of 5-8 years in a leading business, digital or strategy consulting firm including a deep expertise of all the fundamental frameworks and methodoligies (e.g. purpose, strategy development, value proposition, organizational development, go-to-market strategegy)
  • Completed at least one master's degree from a top business school (e.g. MBA) with excellent results
  • Previously led a variety of multi-disciplinary teams
  • Previous experience in helping to change large, established organizations or up-scale fast growth businesses.
  • Comfort with ambiguity and the ability to adapt, flex and change directions given client, project, and team circumstances understanding the ever-changing business world
  • Commercial attitude with a proven ability to sell consulting services
  • Great intellectual curiosity with the desire to move quickly, be inspired by challenges; a learner by nature seeking inspiration to drive progress
  • Passion for excellence by ensuring the highest standards through iterative collaboration across teams
  • Native german speaker with fluent english skills

You will

  • Push the boundaries - always seek to push the work further, having the ability to understand the core issue and trust your judgement. You enjoy learning at pace and often on the job. You take the initiative to gain further sight from multiple mediums. 
  • Create impact - recognised as a change-maker; you have the ability to cut-through – you’re able to get to the heart of an idea, the crux of an insight and the core of a problem. In-person or in writing, you should be persuasive and articulate, helping people to see things in a new way allowing them to make leaps and break political impasses. You should be confident when challenging your team and looking to negotiate the best deal.
  • Be optimistic - you are optimistic for the world and our work, seeing setbacks as challenges, you readily accept change and thrive in ambiguity. You are receptive to feedback, actively encouraging others to critique work to push it forward.
  • Deliver with intent - You think beyond your own delivery, taking active responsibility for the team, ensuring they understand how work should be organised and commitments are met. You enjoy being busy and can prioritise and deliver on multiple projects.
  • Create innovation - You enjoy studying the underlying principles and applying theories to create concepts. You should be inventive, imaginative, determined to discover or create a more imaginative way to adopt original ideas and solutions which allow our clients to work to be transformative.
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