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Leap is a management consultancy specialized in business strategy, marketing and innovation, helping our clients to align their organization with the needs of their customers.

Meet some of our people

We are a group of strategy, innovation and transformation experts — experienced working with C-suites of SMI, DAX and S&P 500 firms.

  • Mattias Weber

    Mattias Weber

    Managing Partner

    Mattias is the founder and Managing Partner of Leap Partners. He works with CEOs and their teams to design a better future for their organization – advancing the firm's purpose and impact in the world, driving growth and culture change across industries. Over the last almost two decades, he has advised companies in Europe and the US on broad topics around strategy, marketing innovation, commercial excellence, and customer-centricity. He supported his clients in setting up their business models, developing value propositions, creating internal engagement, and finding more customer-centered ways of working. He led different larger consultancies before, gives speeches and writes articles regularly, and holds degrees from the University of Fribourg and the Harvard Business School.

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  • Sophie Bernhardt

    Sophie Bernhardt

    Managing Partner

    Sophie is a managing partner at Leap Partners a strategic consultant and highly trained facilitator with more than 10 years of experience in the innovation space. She has worked with leaders within government entities, large global corporations as well as start-ups across all industries to co-create transformative strategies, catalyze a culture of innovation, and develop products, services, and business models that create sustainable growth. She holds a Masters in Design Management from SCAD.

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  • Fjolla Fazliu

    Fjolla Fazliu


    Fjolla is a Consultant at Leap Partners and engaged with clients in the logistics, financial services, insurance, and also NGO sector. She has worked on topics ranging from strategy- and organizational development, marketing transformation to corporate positioning, where she could leverage acquired competencies from her academic education in business administration and marketing management at the University of St. Gallen, where she earned her master’s degree.

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  • Sabine Baz

    Sabine Baz

    Senior Consultant

    Sabine is a Senior Consultant at Leap Partners and focuses on strategic innovation, omnichannel transformation and customer centricity initiatives. She has extensive international experience in consulting, luxury retail and as a start-up entrepreneur that she brings to our client engagements. Sabine speaks four languages, studied industrial design in the US and holds an international MBA from the Politecnico di Milano.

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  • Olivia Hjelmstedt

    Olivia Hjelmstedt


    Olivia is a Consultant at Leap Partners and has previous experience as a strategy consultant helping clients to optimize their business operations and transform their organizations holistically. She has further experience as project manager in the financial services sector working on strategic- & organisational development and held other roles within the pharmaceutical and oil & gas industry. Olivia did her Bachelor and Masters in Business & Management at the Stockholm School of Economics.

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  • Dr. Jonathan Gruber

    Dr. Jonathan Gruber

    Associate Consultant

    Jonathan is Associate Consultant at LEAP PARTNERS and has experiences in strategic communication and organizational development with a focus on organizational & cultural change management. During his PhD at the University of Zurich, he researched people’s interactions with algorithms during their everyday Internet use. He also studied the relevance of in-person interactions in relationships alongside digital communication. Jonathan is a graduate of the Digital Society Excellence program for doctoral students at the University of Zurich and holds a master’s degree in journalism and communication studies from the University of Hamburg.

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  • Nicole Staub

    Nicole Staub


    Nicole is a consultant at Leap Partners with extensive expertise in innovation and ESG transformation. She has broad expertise in in-house strategy and consulting in the Middle East and worked on projects with a focus on innovation and transformation. Nicole obtained an MBA from Edhec Business School in France and holds a Bachelor's degree in International Business from HWZ.

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  • Nina Bieli

    Nina Bieli

    Media Contact

    Contact Nina for all media and speaking requests.

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  • Manuela Schaller

    Manuela Schaller

    Recruiting Contact

    Contact Manuela for all matters related to careers at LEAP PARTNERS.

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  • Assunta Chiera

    Assunta Chiera


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Some questions we work on

  • What is our role and responsibility in this world and what do we stand for?

    Rooted in insights and brand – we imagine what the world could be – rendering it so clear that leaders can choose the destiny of their organization.

  • How do we better understand where to play and how to win consistent with our organization's overall growth strategy?

    We work with you to create a shared articulation of your innovation ambition and intent to ensure alignment between your organizatios strategic outlook and co-create a step-by-step holistic plan that works towards a competitive future.

  • In what ways can we stay true to our organizational DNA and core offerings, while driving innovation and growth?

    We are launching the counter-program to the usual product range inflation, which can often lead to complete growth stagnation. To do this, we reactivate the assertiveness of core products. mobilize potential products in a targeted manner. Focus the product range step by step without losing sales - and realize new growth with significantly reduced complexity costs.

  • How to identify opportunities for profitable growth that is sustainable?

    We identify the levers of your organization and unleash its potential. This often includes positioning,innovation portfolio management, brand portfolio strategy, pricing, DNA analysis and implementation planning.

  • How can we increase buy-in and inspire action for the future vision?

    We help people understand and believe in a common path towards a re-envisioned future – through powerful, human stories and experiences that rally commitment and action.

  • We need to innovate to stay competitive but the mindset hasn't taken root yet. What can we do to encourage our employees?

    Culture change doesn’t happen overnight but we work with you to find ways to make innovation everyone’s job. Through training initiatives, and empathy we drive change and impact.

  • How do we ensure that we lead and organize to be more customer-centered?

    We help leadership teams to act as role-models for the envisioned future, show up, listen and communicate in new ways, and design the organization driven by purpose—beyond existing structures and job descriptions.

Get clarity
Drive growth

How we think and act


We start with purpose to help you and your leadership give meaning to what you do and systemically align your operations, teams and individuals around this shared belief.


We apply a human-centered approach in our work that activates people in the course of transformation and helps to design outcomes that are relevant to the recipients.


In our fast-paced world with great uncertainties, we always look at problems with a forward-thinking mindset to imagine what could be, not just optimize what is.

Joining forces with Jung von Matt

By collaborating with Jung von Matt, we expand our network and can add seasoned marketing, communications and technology experts from their offices in Europe, Asia and the US to our engagements as needed.

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Joining forces with Jung von Matt