Defining purpose, vision 
and strategy

for Basel Area

How do I define 
purpose, vision and strategy for the next phase of growth?

In 2019 we started to partner with CEO Christoph Klöpper and his leadership team to shape the next phase of development of the economic region of Basel – a global powerhouse of pharma and healthcare innovation. We created a bold new purpose for the organization, set vision and strategy for the next years and translated the new strategy into clear go-to-market strategies for all brands and initiatives of the the organization.


Based on the new strategy, we further collaborated to address challenges like for example sharpening the positioning of different initiatives and services — embracing the complex environment of stakeholders, organizations and businesses or reimaging the strategy development process to foster cross functional collaboration.

Our purpose-led and human-centered approach helped to engage and align people, created excitement for a new strategy and helped to kickstart the next phase of growth of the organization and thus for the whole region.


Focused on 
long-term success? 
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