Lead brands and organizations into the future

2 days for entrepreneurs, CEOs and senior leaders to reflect on their brand, their organization and on themselves.

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A Leap Partners session

During these two intensive days you will have the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences in a small and exclusive circle of like-minded people, to receive new impulses, to reflect and to share your ideas and experiences.
  1. How do we combine the reliable forces of the past with the opportunities of the volatile future?
  2. How can we ensure the long-term success and existence of the company?
  3. How do we create a brand that shows its strength also to the next generation?
  4. How do we strengthen our brand in this rapidly changing world?
  5. How do I prepare my organization without destroying established values and endangering the DNA?
  6. What can I do myself to lead and orchestrate this journey?

Key points in the program

Module Nr. 01

Build brands that transform

How to build brands that give stability, meaning and direction in uncertain times and yet deliver double-digit profitability?

Build brands that transform
Module Nr. 02

Transform your organization

How to make organizational transformation work by activating our people in the course of transformation and establish it as an ongoing state-of-mind?

Transform your organization
Module Nr. 03

Transform yourself

How to become the great leader you wished you had – developing the key leadership capabilities for the 21st century

Transform yourself

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