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A new way to build businesses

Together with likeminded entrepreneurs and investors we build brands and businesses that last and positively impact people’s lives. We look for brands that want to take the next step, save or re-invent their heritage or even start from scratch. Some opportunities we follow:

Business expansion ventures

Today’s world offers more opportunities than ever for ambitious entrepreneurs and disruptors. The 24/7 economy and its worldwide hybrid ready to «rock the boat» business environment provides huge openings even for companies with a local or regional focus.

Leap partners up with the entrepreneurs who will conquer the world and grow their business in new markets.

Brand heritage ventures

The biggest heritage of our economy is its unique, strong and from decades to centuries grown brands. Many of those brands are facing challenging times because, for instance, they lost their track, became economically weak or are looking for a successor.

Leap partners up with the entrepreneurs and managers who are in times of trouble by engaging us - with blood in the game.

Start-up ventures

To start a business was never easier and complex at the same time. Nevertheless, new entrepreneurs and disrupters are facing perfect conditions to make their big dreams and ambitions come true.

Leap partners up with the entrepreneurs who aim to lay the foundations for a sustainable business model and a strong future-proof brand.

How we engage

We help to find brands that have the potential for more, we build the strategies and brands that help to thrive, we take executive and board roles and/or coach the teams to do amazing work – always with the intent to create sustainable businesses, preserve established values and positively impact people’s lives.

We're looking forward to an insightful exchange with you!

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