7 Beliefs About Powerful Brands

After working with some of the most iconic brands over the past two decades we collected truths about the ones that truly stand out and outperform their competition.

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1 Be in mind

Powerful brands strive to monopolize their clientele's minds.

2 Have strong borders

Powerful brands manage their borders. Borders energize the brand and provide its profile. Therefore – stronger is better. Borders require to say sometimes «No». Borders are the «Energeticum of a Brand».

3 Be attractive

Powerful brands are like magnets for their clientele. They make sure that they are top of mind when their clients decide. Attractiveness requires to stand out and go your own way.

4 Evolve true to your DNA

Powerful brands have their unique DNA. A brand's DNA is highly complex. But once discovered, it allows leaders to evolve the business purposeful, focussed and efficient to the next level. The more activities relate to what people have in mind about the brand, the more effective is the brand.

5 Be different

Powerful brands differentiate from their competitors. This requires the opposite of following your competitors. To create your own unique pattern is crucial for sustainable business success.

6 Lead, don't follow

Powerful brands are leading their clients, customers, distributors and partners. They create their territory, question and develop their business model on time – even if it means to transform their companies, their offerings and their markets.

7 Make it your CEO's job

Powerful brands are in the hands of their CEO's. That doesn't require to do all the job on your own. But you have to live the purpose, set the framework and continuously challenge the status quo in order to develop your brand, your organization and yourself.

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